Pomegranate Seeds

I love eating pomegranate seeds. I have also passed this love onto my daughter and recently to my husband. This brings back wonderful memories of watching my mom seed a pomegranate and waiting to enjoy the sweet juice with each bite. The only problem is that they can be very messy to open. It is time consuming to extricate the seeds but definitely worth the effort.

I have learned a few tips to make the job a little less messy but probably not easier. I think my mom may have just taken a knife and cut the fruit in half and then began taking out the seeds. I don't like this method because it results in many seeds cut open. They're just prettier whole.

The first thing I do is peel the fruit with a paring knife. This has to be done carefully if you don't want to cut open seeds and squirt everything nearby. Oh! Don't forget to wear an apron! (I've made that mistake). Once it is peeled, I wriggle the tip of the knife into the top a little bit and then hold the fruit in two hands under water and gently break it in half. Continue to break it in pieces and remove the seeds from the white membrane.

Not only are pomegranate seeds delicious but they are very good for you. Besides the antioxidant properties, they provide numerous other health benefits. Read about it here.
Apparently, some people only eat the juice of the seed and then spit out the seed itself. You may eat the seed and if you eat about a tablespoon of seeds at a time, it is best. Eating one seed at a time is not as tasty or as much fun! The season is short and almost over, so hurry out a buy a pomegranate today! Enjoy!


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